CAM-TEX is a woman owned, small business that started over 30 years and was a primary contractor for Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd., an internationally known military and police supplier. We specialize in the design and manufacture of specialized nylon gear for law enforcement, military, as well as sportsmen’s accessories. All of our products are all custom-made in USA with a strong emphasis on superior quality. We do not import lower cost materials. All the components used in our manufacturing operation is purchased from USA producers and cut and sewn at our facilities in Powder Springs, GA. When we say Made in the USA, we mean it! We don’t use this term loosely!

WHO IS CAM-TEX: Creative American-Made Textile
One of our original projects was to design the Cam-Tex ID Mesh Vest for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Our ID Vest remains as the standard for the GBI, as well as many other Law Enforcement Agencies. The Cam-Tex ID Vest was selected by 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta for use by the entire security operation and for the 30th G8 Summit.

We are a custom manufacturer of gear for the law enforcement and military community with the goal to exceed expectations of quality, design and durability on every single piece of gear we make.